James Walsh

James is a qualified Regional Tour Guide, who holds a degree in History, English and Law. He is a native of  county Galway and returned there to construct his house in 2004. He was employed as a Tutor in Gort from 2004 to 2008. He gained extensive experience in guiding Spanish groups between 2008 and 2018 by taking tours  to the Burren, Thoor Ballyle, and Coole Park. Previous to that, he gained extensive experience overseas by working as a Teacher of English with the Al Ain Air Force, and Abu Dhabi Adnoc company  in the United Arab Emirates. As a result of travelling overseas he  has become culturally aware  of the expectations of different nationalities who visit Ireland, and how to enrich this cultural experience for them when they come to this historically rich country of  great heritage.  His particular interest is the creative arts: the music, poetry and song of Galway city and region, and the festivities that celebrate it. Some of these are integrated in the song he composed called Galway Glory. There is a particular focus this year on the Claddagh as the historical fishing centre as well as the wonderful recent rescue skills shown by Claddagh Men in the Scombrus Rescue ( French Vessel ) and  several other remarkable rescues. We also have  the poetry of the Hooker vessel by Richard Murphy. He has therefore created a wonderful experience that will bring all of this alive October 24th for all those who will join in the Urban Walking Festival. He looks forward to letting you hear the best places to wine and dine when visiting our historical city of Galway.


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