Latest Past Walks

Closing Ceremony

Eyre Square Eyre Square, Galway

To finish off the Galway Walking Festival, experience the beauty and heritage of Galway city with one of Galway’s best loved characters, Liam Silke. Liam will lead you through the winding streets to discover a bustling modern city filled with Olde Worlde Medieval charm.


Waterways of Galway

Town Hall Theatre Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Take a stroll along the various rivers and canals of the city and learn all about the interesting ways they were designed and used in the past.

Please bring smart phone and earphones with you, and download the app VOX connect free from app store or play store.


Clonbur Woods Tour

Rosshill Cemetry Clonbur Rosshill Cemetry Clonbur, Galway

The tour will take you deep into Clonbur Wood situated between Loughs Corrib and Mask which is a place of impressive biological and geological diversity. The landscape features a U-shaped valley, drumlins and a limestone pavement. Rosshill Cemetery at the edge of the wood also features the ruins of a 13th century church, Teampall Brendán.

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